Page 29.

My insecurities are lies, but still I give in to them at times.

They hurt my soul and cover my eyes,

So I begin to feel blind.

Walking aimlessly is my daemon outstretched…

Falling now, is a far fetch.

I feel repented and deeply cleansed…

By a love in which she and he is my friend.

I want to always be here, from you I know my worth.

And no need to go and find another, in you I found my search.

I feel reborn as I work,

Writing poetry when I hurt.

Developing soul, and crafting my mind’s strength.

Where I am now, is impossible to sink.

On the brink of falling, I rise with your hand.

Developing and becoming, a Christlike man.

With you, I see that you too can become a Christlike woman.

The values that you want to have, are values that the enemy says you shouldn’t.

God laughs at the devil’s strategy – he cannot corrupt a love like this.

With God as our center, we must always stay vigilant in our growth…

I hope, that this is something that could be forever.

I hope that this a love that we can forever know.

But as we perpetuate our growth.

The sweet themes are decorated with beautiful serenades.

The holiest.

The sweetest.

The loveliest.

We can chase our star with confidence, or chase it with halfheartedness.

In love to you I make, but if it should wait,

I will not escape, I am vowing to stay here for the endure.

In making our decisions, and with God as our core…

I am here to help make you feel sure, loving you, and hugging you with love, as if it is a cure.

Either way we will elevate, I see it with my own eyes…

Our love is sacred, divine feminine.

We can rise above anything, and that is my heartfelt sentiment.

And as I make that statement, I know that our love is not made in vain.

Your love and soul has cured my pain.

And although the world seems lost, we are not…

We have Christ, and love is what we got.

I want to lead us and assure you, that we are on the right path.

Of either choosing you pick, I will still love you, with open arms glad.