Page 32.

Loud isn’t always better,

And light isn’t always feather –

When the silent ink spill is as deep and weighted,

As cuts that severely severe.

Violent emotions seep out of me,

And runs across my face as tears lead out of me:


Because I will never run away cowardly.

If ever,

I were to enter a black hole.

I would fight with the light in my soul,

As it becomes the center, of this dark role.

My shadow strives to take hold.

But I am much better, as I write these letters of poems.

As my heart catches hold.

I feel aches and swoll.

My heart pushing past this dark mold.

And my ego is melting away, as I live more abundantly through soul.

Forever, I am a deep soul wanting more out of each other.

Community and love, nothing superficial.

And I am forever in love when I am with you.

But we should rise more, healing our minds more.

Understanding each other in the very essence of our breaths and vocal chords.

Expressing our hearts more.

Expressing our wants and desires, dreams and darkness.

As I am writing with sharpness, the descriptions become sharpest –

When I am willing to go into the darkest abyss of emotional energy.

With you is like synergy.

I presume loving you, is the perfect recipe.

Thank you, for letting me.

Because of you, I can write this effortlessly.