Page 34.

I packaged happiness, internally, it’s all authentic.

These pages expand,

My poetry is all augmented.

Growing in depth, as my book grows a personality of its own.

You can tell by the periodic tones –

Of me checking in, and showing my true thoughts alone.

It’s all prophetic.

Alongside, from the poetic arts, and the philosophers heart –

Is my mind’s eye…

Squeezing my mind dry,

Of all it’s content.

I am starting to realize,

My poetry is truly good,

I am confident.

That the only thing I fear are real lies,

I am respondent –

To never to write nonsense.

Like a hospice, I respond quick,

To my poetry that should ever die, or lose tempo…

I’m never pompous.

I write simply,

then evolve to more complex.

I am earnest and honest,

To ever growing in logic,

expanding my poetic spirit and

Developing phonics.

And I am a Phoenix, burning my soul as I polish…

These words that need, not be copied, but admired –

As I rise in the Phoenix of fire.

When I am away from philosophical thought, life seems the oddest.

When I boast in these words, it is simply me being modest.

I broken open my ego of the past, a long time ago, and now I am a soul that’s spotless.

And I never wish to tarnish, tainting my credibility or third dimensional shell.

But like a spell, that I want to break.

I am slowly displaying my soul of passion and not hate on this five dimensional well.

Pour forth.

Pour forth.

Because like steps, I am climbing away,

from things that used to cause me stress.

Lyrical under my step-father, was a distressful time.

When all I wanted to do was rhyme from a more sincere place…

But it was all disgrace –

Talking about things that were never my place.

It was worth it, now I am a more evolved lyricist.

Like an empiricist, I visualize the synthesis of emotional energy felt in my body –

I conclude it is me feeling my surroundings.

To further deduce, it is my way of combining expression of my heartfelt soul of experience and honesty.



That’s all that’s lasted…

And, I wish to write more, about the experiences of mine that feels of some holiest rapture.

Feel free to capture.