“Revealing Depth…”

Fragmented heart, pulling in different directions.

If I was examined for balance,

I’d fail my inspection.

The flow of life, is a rhythm of harmony.

And so I write, with poetry calmly.

Opened up to you,

I’m closing off old parts of me.

I am bound to nature,

This poetic artistry –

Needs to be bled out, like disrupted arteries.

My mental health dissipated, and I did not now even know it.

I had weakness crying out loud, and I didn’t even mind to show it.

This high mountain of depth,

I didn’t need help to plow it.

The cuts are everywhere,

& I did not need help to sow it.

And still I need to keep going,

This mind of mine is stoic.

This poetic mind of mine feels heroic.

And so in life I keep flowing.

Letting the love flow, in.

The waters of height, I keep on rowing.

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