Page 36.

Tell of the amazing times we have,

to your friends and family…

Our moments are uncanny.

It’s like a match made in heaven;

When I kiss you, it’s like love’s branding.

And when you smile, it’s like waking up to sunshine.

And when we connect, is like continued fun times.

Days go by, and bonds are built like bridges to cities:

Loving the way you are, and the way you talk so pretty.

How you laugh, and jokingly call me silly.

And although this journey can get hilly,

I am down to love you really.

Giving you all, that is within me;

Praying for blessedness in, we.

Yes, this journey can become difficult, how will we hold up?

In concerning times, harsh times – I say that we show love.

Overcome with faith in fate;

We will either make or break.

And I’ve never been too fond of showing up late or short.

So our hearts are connected by chord.

I am protector of this fort.

For sure…

And I am leading ship, as we coalesce.

If negative fumes are covering our surroundings, in love we shall protest.

Never letting these storms of some sort,

affect us too much –

And, as we enjoy our world together.

I am wishing and hoping that you can be my girl forever.