Page 37.

Echoes of high, are repeated in love for you.

If I were in drought, suffering and in starvation – I’d continue being depleted in love for you.

Because I waited,
Waiting, for something like this… Like leopards, I’m running like this –

Written poems, equate to songs, I’m humming like this.

After the sunrise, that symbolizes your heart…
With loyalty, and promise.
I vow to stay honest.

My simple logic to keep you,
Is to treat you, with sweet adoration,
Because your love, is the great restoration.
Giving me the poise, and formation –
To write poetry worth information,
Stored love stories, and simple epics.
And, this is my simple ethics….
If this is our time together, I will never forget this.
I hope that you don’t too.
I hope that you won’t too.

I cannot sleep, because I keep thinking of you.