Page 38.

Face to face with my demons, I draw my sword of redemption in my right.

In my left hand is an olive branch of peace, to clear away the violence in my sight.

This plight, has been difficult.

My life, has been ridiculed.

But I have nothing left to prove, Christ is my ultimate friend.

I know no end, just beginnings and trans-formations.

I paint my pain as a glorious painter.

I train my brain, to victorious enamor.

The victorious Christian lifestyle, I am pursuing that.

My sinful ways, I am undoing that…

And new love in my life, I am treasuring and cherishing this.

With love in and of around me, I am perishing with.

I vow to strive, and leave behind my mistakes, I am only human.

I am not broken, I am not ruined.

I am not forsaken, I am not mistaken.

I am loved, as these affirmations are true.

The hues of love, are all things found within me, and found within you.

Blessed be the lord, who daily provides us with benefits.

Like endless wit, of mine, passionate scriptures load in my mind.

I am doing fine.

Mental health, is a painful curse.

But in life I been through worse…

I can get through anything, with work.

I am not doubtful that I can only come in first.