Page 41.

I was broken before you,
But now I’m open before you.

Love sick, without you –
But it isn’t so bad.

Love scars, on my body,
But it isn’t so sad.

I was owning your body,
But now it’s something I had.

Not really something, I have.
I suppose it’s a journey, with you joining my path.

We were just relating emotions, together –
Why am I writing so mad?

When I’m venting, these currents, the oceans and deep rivers clash.

My emotions that surface, covers the hurting that bleeds.

The emotion which purges, are ever written with ease.

And the feathers with ink, makeshifts for the pen that bleeds.

The love notes that I’ve written, are now covered with breeze.

Stripped of all of its impurity, the ink covers the scenes… New memories created, leaving ours behind.

Looking to God for the signs,
With hope covering my mind.

You have taught me so much,
Like when not to rush.

You have taught me many things,
Like when to just feel the blessing of us.

The simply made fortune, of feeling just that.

The time will go, and the feelings will recede… But it’s okay, you remind me, to just breathe, boy.

Feel your joy.
But know that it isn’t eternal, that isn’t how life works.
Life is temporary, and I know that many things may hurt.

But do whatever works, cry if you must.
Write if you must, but don’t stay down — that isn’t your cup.

Fill your mug, with coffee or matcha.
Become alive, you’ll be alright.

Keep going in life, you’ll be alright.