The heart is limitless, and five dimensional.

It is consequential, to feel things monumental.

Taking these steps with me, it may be rugged and rough.

But along the way are nuggets of love.

Unconditional trust, and a journey enough –

To make one feel full;

I am here to grow and not use.

I am here to know and strike fuse.

I am here to help and inspire, your fire.

Sensitive souls that transpired, these two humans on different levels…

Causes me to feel unsettled.

You haven’t been broken down to such depth, yet,

& I am patient enough, for when you do get…

To such a place, we are all destined to reach such a space.

I want to hold your hand, as your poetic man.

But please don’t take me in vain, or view me as weak or faint tanned.

I do a lot to upkeep, this heart of mine has been cut deep.

But give me more weeks, and perhaps you can see.

That there is none quite like me, when I love in full measure.

This soul of mine is treasure, I know it, and know nothing better.

And this is me venting and releasing, growing and not retreating.

Because I want to pick rose leaves in, the ways I believe in…

The heart’s truth and language that spits out,

I have deep emotions to get out.

Eventually, love can be simplified, and my dynamic nature will adapt as it is amplified…

Ahead of myself, or ahead of the time –

Either way, I am attentive to the signs.

Becoming retentive to my own mind.

Writing poetry to enshrine.

Hoping that you can have the stamina, to love my own kind…