Confessions of a conflicted soul, dying.

Your love helps me, and does much reviving.

Save me.

Save me.

The accolades never last as long as the pain.

The memories of success never fully heals the pangs.

The journey, lonely;

Aimlessly roaming.

Draining of spirit, my mind does all of the work necessary.

Hesitating to open my soul and mind,

Because I always feel like I am in a bind.

I always feel trapped in time.

I always feel like you are further from being mine.

Save me.

Save us.

If love is what you want then why not go deep enough…

I ask myself, and I ask you that question.

Perhaps, love is a lesson that many feel regret in.

We are not strong enough for the banks of roses and so we settle for a single flower.

My deepness makes me cower, If I could I’d love you by the hour…