Taking my soul to the highest realm,

I want to be surrounded by angels of Christ.

I want to write in the light.

I want to turn my wrongs right.

And I want you in my sight…

I want to see your beautiful face again, as time apart is making my heart dwell in the positives we accumulated.

I know often I ruminated.

But a beautiful mind I have.

I know because my writing has made you glad —

Which made me feel appreciated and not sad.

In some love’s portal I want to sheepishly enter.

Leaving behind this dark place I found myself in.

Empty at times…

Making love to you,

I found myself sin.

But the roses are still damp, and my heart is still fiery.

You are my focus, as we slow down — keep your eyes on me.

I am adapting to this love shared,

I still care.

As I break and become whole again.

I still fear.

But it’s changing and so are we.

I’m reaching high to the oak’s tree…

Hoping that you will still love me.

From day one, I remind myself this is only day 15.

Even if I loved you right away,

Life is only play…

And we have enough time to accumulate.

I will love you in every day.

Making peace with decisions made.

We cannot fade.

No, we can’t.

Breathing in pants, I just want to grow with you…

Run with you.

Gaze, at the sun with you.

Wish to love unto, you.

I’ll forever run to you.

Until my lungs are through.

And my love is for only you.