Developing soul to enter a new dimension.

Disregarding apprehension, I must enter this new wave of energy…

If I myself gotten ahead of me,

I am now balanced in a sense of equalized momentum.

Although I made mistakes, I am sincere in my ascension.

I ask for assistance, as my heart is changing into a deeper wholeness.

And if I am ever in a state of lowness,

My soul will become potent…

With a prayer of life,

Toward the Gods,

If I feel strife.

And even still, I am strong enough to get through any turmoil and any plight.

I rely on prayer, once and a while.

But like a child, that wants to fly.

I lean on my own strength, and spirit…

Trusting the Holy Spirit to guide me in dearest.

In the clearest day, I will see my way.

In the nearest day, I will breathe okay.