Life with you is justice.

I just want to trust this.

Trusting is a battle;

I’ll trust you if I have to.

I trust you because I choose to.

I don’t want to lose you.

Poetic in my manner,

Our kisses are so candor.

But I don’t want to fool you,

Play you or escape you.

Falling ever deeply,

I fell into the shallow.

I fall in ever easy,

I’m loving on your shadow.

We’re loving in the shadows,

I’m hoping you can see me.

I know this love here matters;

But if you don’t believe me.

Then you will never keep me;

Because I am where the deep be.

Abysmal, abysmal.

As I kiss you, and kiss you.

Abysmal, abysmal.

As I miss you, and miss you.