Life is a paradoxical constant. We want to settle, yet, we want to work. As human beings we desire to rest, enjoying the simplicity and luxury of life itself.

In the same breath, we desire to accomplish all that is humanly possible.
Writing ever more.
Doing ever more.
Training, and earning, fulfilling all of our yearnings.

Getting fat is an activity that symbolizes a red wine glass.

Stuffing our emotional activity of passion, while – unyielding our impurities and priorities from glasses.
Rushing to fill, and, destined to spill…

But still, we fail to see that being human is one big flaw. It is impossible to equally balance, deposit, and withdraw:
Our time, attention, love, and focus.

What must we do, when faced to face with ourselves?

I presume fall into ourselves, delve deeper, and allow some truth to prevail…