The agony won’t stop.

The darkness pervades my mind in erupted bursts of discolor.

It’s driving me under.

My feelings are clustered in packs of black; that tears me apart, I shutter.

The theory that men are supposed to be always strong is a false story; curse who made that claim.

I am alone, with no one home, dark thoughts thoroughly pervades my brain.

As I strain, to pour my feelings into this poem.

I find strength that is my own.

I just wish it was brighter as it is shown.


I want to roam the streets in search for an elixir.

I can’t fix her…

She’s turned harsh, harsher than the coldest winter.

I can’t sense her, generally speaking what happen to the divinity in her.

I can’t get her.

I’m chatting to myself, wishing for a partner and companion.

To do life with, because the darkness is cancer.

And I am stronger from you, divine woman.

In my past, I know I shouldn’t…

Have broken a heart or two.

I had no clue, karma would bite as tooth.

The feeling’s cruel, and rips me too.

But I promise to love, I promise I’m true…

This time around, I’ll be down.

This time around, you have the crown, dear Queen.

This feeling is mean, partially good —-

Teaching me all that I need to know,

& Helping my soul to grow.