The future feels totally uncertain, now, more than ever.

If we could have answers now, it would be more than better…

But the days seem like a mystery, as we enter into this shadow of an illness.

But we cannot let it kill us, our spirits are pure fearless.

Many deaths, and incidents, but we as a human race —

Can overcome many things with grace.

We just stick together, we must hold each other.

We must brick together, and must hone our home forever.

We are a species, held vulnerable.

Any although, there any many roads but few.

We must keep our heads in cue.

We must hope In a dark world,

We must love, we must rise above.

We must cope in a dark world,

We must hug, and we must run —



The search is now — for our humanity.

We have to keep our head up, for our sanity.

We must believe, not as a nation but as a world.

Only God knows, how this will all unfurl.