Chasing the storm, only leads me to a point of figuring out.

That the rain and thunder, is much better than droughts…

Yet, it’s pain and shock is something that I’d rather leave out.

Because I bleed out,

It isn’t what I need now.

But now I see now…

Now I see, wow –

That the rain is drenching my mind and soul.

That the pain is bending my mind in folds.

And the reigns of things, is like my mind on hold;

When my thoughts are running like streams of gold.

And my soul is wrought;

And my soul has been bought.

Yes my soul is caught, like nets on boats.

As if drenched in coats, now my soul feels cold.

And I spent my last money on things worth gold,

But are only worth pennies to others, have I been sold?

A truth worth lies.

I cannot even cry.

I feel duped in loops.

In truth, I’m souped –

In black, I’m attacked.

Why’s that?

I don’t know,

why, I lack…

Perception of wonders.

Perception of thunders.

Chasing the wind, I’ve become slim in the summer.

Acceptance of self, I feel loneliest under –

The trees of teas.

Herbs, of peace.

I need you to need me.

I need you to see me.