Love me or leave me.
Whether blinding or see me.
Believe me,
Your love is all I am seeing.
Love me or leave me.
I am dying of bleeding.
Suffering in freedom,
Wishing I was chained to your being.
Love me or leave me.
If you love me, I’m breathing.
If you leave me,
I am steaming.
Am I a weakling?
For, feeling things so deeply?
I doubt it.
I’m just crouching, with this pen as my voucher.
Leave me or love me.
This is something I’ve been hunting…
A love that does drugging.
A love that does pumping —
I am full with your soul.
If you leave I am null.
Pain leaks from my soul.
You’re a thief because you stole.
My heart has a hole.
Now that I know, that you left me full of questions.
I see that love is a lesson, more or less a blessing.
And I love the way you are dressing,
A sweet and lovely essence.