Despite, being misguided.

I’ve found emotions to reconcile with.

Despite, being lost, and withdrawn.

I have found peace, and a sense of calm.

And, I don’t want to sound overly religious.

But my sins, were becoming something vicious…

Christ, came to my help, and since – I’ve been grateful that he has risen.

It is a privilege to have my mistakes forgiven…

Poetry, is how I cope, writing down all that I envision.

Savoring my only hope,

For, my prayers toward him, I know he listens.

I’ve been lost, and now I’m found.

He bore the cross, as we’ve been drowned.

Now, I see, how to be.

Striving for a sense of completion –

As I am nothing without you,

I am not even mere decent,

Without you,

I want nothing to do with this life,

If my life isn’t about you.