I feel I have ascended,

While my past and present is mended…

I feel I have attended,

To all of the things I needed.

I feel my personhood has blended,

With my soul that was feeding –

On dreams,


I’ve stood for what I believed in.

I feel I can feel again.

Flying high to the source,

Spending time in love, of course.

I feel I am on course,

As my pen is scorched with a torch.

I feel you tend to distort,

And you look at me as a chore,

These feelings that I report.

So, I am well off alone.

Making my own way to home.

So, I am well off being here with myself.

I am not looking for love’s help.

I feel I am in the finishing process of individuation.

I feel I am done contemplating.

I feel I am ready for life’s work to be started,

I am only human, irregardless.

These emotions are limited,

And My heart is just beating partially.

I have to pick up my speed,

I have to use my mind.

I have to take heed,

And see that all things will be fine.

I have to, begin.

I have to, end.

I want to, begin.

I myself, am my best-friend.