Often I shut off, from the world and it’s craziness.

Often I cut off, and clear away from my haziness.

I write some poetry, and I pour a cup of black brew.

Or, I steam hot tea, green matcha because I enjoy that too.

Often, I play music – it stirs my soul to write poetically.

I feel all that I can feel, sometimes in manic beats,

But, I am just a loving spirit who likes to feel energetically.

My best days are truly ahead of me.

The dark days, they will come, and I will be prepared.

The harsh rays, from the sun, will never leave me scared.

Because I am one, a strong person, who has shown many tears…

But I have won, internal reversion, with many optimistic years.

I pray to God, on occasion, hoping for his renewing strength.

Because I am tainted, yet, patient, I know I’m not a saint…

Often hallucinations, made me feel I was ill equipped.

Why do I feel like this?

Why do I feel so much?

Why do I choose to?

Shadows in my room, whether angels or demons, I never know who’s who.

The sounds of rain, I snooze to.

My heart, although I change, I try to stay true to.

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