How to keep purity, is a challenge I will know till grave.

Unless, I break its chains, and I stand up so brave.

The blackened memories,

I’m hacked at,

Now I’m a fragmented entity.

The imagination seems bleak,

Everything I was taught,

Seems to fade away into my sleep.

And the flow of my mind,

Seems to leak,

As there is black-red spills,

Onto my pillows and bed sheets.

Emotions seem to trickle,

Into something fickle.

Things that appear big,

Are in fact little.

And all things change,

in this act of emotionalism.

I just try to stand strong,

in the face of pain,


In my corner of life,

I feel distant from things I once knew.

I miss the young flower that once grew,

Process like.

Now I am a grown flower,

Now I am full…

No longer adventure like,

Unless I force it to.

Things now seem kind of blue,

I’m doing anything to, escape this hue.

My sadness is ever more deep,

My happiness is ever more high.

My tears are like watery creaks,

While my soul dies, my soul dies.

Finding strength that I can keep,

Like prized rocks thrown inside of the water.

And as my letters and words seep,

Into the creases of my mind, and corners…

I find that I can finally sleep,

My heart is beating ever more softer.