Love and it’s magical properties,

Are what I search for, honestly.

The chemistry that we may have can grow,

Or it can steady out modestly.

The feeling of ecstasy, and the cool feelings of you texting me.

Causes me, to wish you were next to me.

On fire, I’ve been.

On fire, I’ve been.

Deep waters we swim,

Deep waters, we’re in.

And it’s sort of a trend,

Loving off and loving again.

Wanting to grow as deep friends,

It’s all that I am interested in.

But, lust gets in the way,

Must, it get in the way?

The vibe can be ever so chill,

Yes, these feelings can be ever so real…

But I am blinded by your attraction,

Deep feelings will have lasted.

And I am growing impatient,

As my mind is just racing.

Can we take it slow,

Can we, take it slow to just grow?

But how will we know,

If this is something you want?

Insecurities suck, it makes me jolt and then jump.

But to live in the present, is a challenge.

And to live in your essence, is a balance.

I must find myself, before I find you.

I must pride myself, before I try you.