I want what I cannot give.

I die,

Every-time I try to live.

I cry,

After every smile.

I rise,

As I face my downs.

The climb,

is as high as my drop.

The time,

is running out on my clock.

I’ve been living in my own sphere.


I cannot breathe,

stepping out to feel new air.

I wouldn’t blame you,

If you don’t care.

I overshadow,

And I over share.

In the rear,

I see my angels.

I’m just trying not to taint you.

So I leave you,

And I drain you.

I’m emotionally toxic,

I’m just trying to be honest.

I need to work on myself.

I need to be by myself.

I don’t mean to jump ship.

But I have to run quick,

Before it gets too deep.

Don’t want to tear you,

As if I am some kind of beast.

I choose to put my heart to sleep,

It hurts my heart to leave.

But like high trees,

We’ll never know how far we can grow,

If we don’t let each other go,

And, allow time to sow.

And as heart beats,

We will learn to love fully,

And not partially.

As true hearts know,

As true hearts show.