I am running in circles,

As my feet are near purple.

The night is my curfew,

And, I stay until dawn.

If love is a virtue,

Then the height is near worth it.

If I fall,

I risk hurting.

But, the pain will be calm…

Yes, the pain will be warm.

Yes, the pain will be hurtful,

That it will leave me so torn.

But this feeling I’ve searched in,

So, with poems, I have drawn.

I am afraid of just growing,

Life is seriously scary.

The ambush of life forces,

I am carrying deep pales in,

While carrying on…

I keep carrying strong,

I carry with both arms.

Walking through heated days;

through the rainiest storms.

Blood leaks from my palms,

And I squeeze on for the water of life.

I’m cornered and broken,

For this love that feels right.

I believe that you came,

When I need you in the night.

Who knows where I’d be,

I needed you to love me…

To help me to turn,

All of my deep wrongs into right.