Aesthetic wanderer, as seeking out poetic feels.

It inspires me to write with ever growing thrill.

I write to honor her,

So it’s clear that my love is real.

Really wondering, how I can truly love her still.

Our movements are rapidly flowing,

And I simply want to kneel…

Before her,

I adore her.

I’m inspired,

I allure her.

I am trying,

To explore her.

We are flying,

Above borders…

And this feeling can be ever symbolized,

As a love,

That is heavily prized.

As I look into her eyes,

I feel desperate sighs.

Why do I fight the feeling,

I want to feel you all.

Afraid to devote,

And so I slowly try to stall.

I stand appalled,

As you let down all of your walls.

And mine stands,

I can’t stand the man I am.

Overly guarded,

Overtly you are who I’m wanting.

Overly tarnished,

Yet, my love is overly warming.

Stemming from insecurities,

The pedals are beautiful still indeed.

Willing to love you ever deep,

As I need to work on me.

We will see,

As we are free…

What is best for you,

What is best for me.