The firm hold of our memories in my mind, escalates to my sincere wish of more time.

More time to hold you.

More time to mold you.

More time, to make hopes and wishes together.

I wish that we never had to experience never.

Because I never thought that you and I would be no longer.

My emotions are evolving and has been changing ever since our dreams first collided.

The only thing that is different, is that I have morphed into some sort of nightmare.

A night scare that resembled shattered stars in a wide sky, still beautiful in what remains.

But things not sustained, causes deep pangs in a concrete brain.

A brain that wishes to dream, more awake than while asleep.

Because when asleep, the things vividly dreamed are not as good as it seems…

Missing scenes, opposed to being awake, and drawing constellations wide as Big Dipper.

Things envisioned together.

Never, would I think that those dreams would be shattered like shotguns bullets to a windowpane.

Shattered, when the heart is mirror like and reflected into another soul – thinking that you will never lose your hold as I won’t lose mine.

But someone’s grip loosens, and so does my understanding of myself and my own mind.

I’m losing sense of time, as I lose sense of the love shared.

And I really care, can’t you tell by my response to this holy scare.

It’s like a holy fear, to lose a love deep and profound as ours.

I would spend hours, trying to piece together us, me, and you.

It’s a sweet love, trust me, for you.

I protest.

Such a neat love, that I keep my head up for.

But like a great letdown, I shutdown.

Knowing, that there is no hope for the depths reached.

Depths touched, and gripped to only be let go.

Air, existed before the rain, sunshine and snow.

And so does the thing called love, that I wish to eventually know.

Where are you, love, where are you – mate of a soul?