The misery in this world, it is apparent that most or all are suffering.

Suffering deep from pain in childhood,

Or loneliness in this desperate reality.

Constant comparison with each others unhappiness, and coping styles,

I know if another world was nearby, we’d walk into it happily.

Because every where I look,

there are no more smiles, but apathy.

And I know that it can be hard,

Quite a challenge actually.

Life is never easy,

For none of us…

Feeling trapped in our sandbox,

With little tools to make and create.

Little community to feel, we are constantly on a search for an exterior face.

Never truly going within,

Because we don’t have time to spend.

So we give in,

Chasing things that provide little or no peace.

Faking smiles and conversations,

Questioning, if that person truly knows me.

Barriers of high walls,

Alone with no night call,

We asleep with cold closed eyes.

Knowing we have to face an unknown before we open those old eyes.

Those tiresome colored eyes,

That which knows pain,

That which knows bold lies.

To find bliss and happiness, is the truest goal of ours, and goal of mine.

But it is fleeting.

Too concrete in…

The abstract color of life is ever flowing,

But the dangers of existence is ever present, like a heart that is ever beating.

The poison of air, keeps us alive,

I guess to suffer, is the true life meaning.