I feel I’ve been depressed and broken for these past years.

I feel that there has been a deep abyss in these past tears.

Now, I cannot cry.

Somehow, someway, I have died.

Dead to reality,

I carry a reckoned soul since I could remember.

As cold as December,

My heart is dismembered:

Experiencing these deep rides,

They are such deep highs.

I inhale such deep sighs,

When I think of you and all that I like…

Will I be enough, my mind tells me such deep lies.

We climb for a trust, never knowing that there is such a steep high.

I am knee high, and your love is like a deep rise.

Sort of tree high, and I am just a deep guy.

With such clarity, I extinguish my thoughts in poetic format.

I’ve been walked on, and I’ve done walking on like a doormat.

These words I’d never record them,

They are much better written.

It is what I choose to uplift in,

As my emotions steady are shifting.

I need love to find bliss in;

Because I am really such a prism.

Complicated in my make up;

But enough about me and more about you.

The coffee has lost its aesthetic taste,

And I’m thinking what next.

And the past we can forget, steady creating a future that we won’t stray from.

I await a day when;

Love is easier done than said.

I am tired of loneliness and dread.

I aspire for simplistic colours;

As simplistic lovers, we dance to the tunes of mystic experience.

If we were fogged up, and clogged up, things are now clear enough.

Focused on truth, with you.

Just us two, me and you.