You are a star of mere light.
And, the combustion of our energy intertwined,
Is a special magic that I really like.

I am humbled by your femininity, a matriarchal marriage.

I want to be engulfed by your energy,
And become parched by your disappearance.

When you are near again,
I’d like to develop into deeper friends.

When you are here with me,
I want to see no end —
In the time gathered, our time matters.

Deep love.
Deeper friendship.
I sleep in scattered patterns…
I awaken to the thought of you,
I desire to gain more of you.

I sleep to the sound of you,
Tossing and turning to get a better view.

I light a candle in remembrance of your departure, playing acoustic music to gather my heart.

I write a manual-like poem, in semblance of love, made especially toward you because what is love without art?

I stand up for you, put my hands up for you, and just man up for you, because what is fire without spark.

Kneeling down on one knee, I will squeeze all of my extract.

Wine cups at our hand, red berries to be exact.

And we enjoy to the sun ends, the delights that I have written and expressed… Sleeping with lazed eyes, your chest is where I lay my head at.

Divine feminine, you are where I rest at.

Deep talks,
Sweet talks,
About nature and philosophy.

I wish to sweetly embody you,
As, you sweetly embody me.