Freedom elation,

Freedom is a mindset that I’m ever enjoying.

Meaning is bracing,

All things that are dangerous and buoyant.

I am ever evolving,

A man that has set out to do good and beauty.

I am ever involved in,

The things that call me so truly.

I write with poise in,

The things that make me feel so unruly.

Technology is far so unduly,

I become inspired spiritually by all of the finest music.

I am cued in,

Fine tunes that leaves my brown eyes oozing.

I write fine poetry,

That would make one finely cooed in.

Not quite to get loose in,

But to become quite boozed in.

Drunk off of deep emotions,

That find words that mind cues in –

Love and spirit,

Dark memories parish.

Love in dearest,

Harsh memories in clearest.

But love is deepest,

As those memories shall disappear.

Simultaneously baring,

Love memories scare him.

The child in me,

The wild in me,

The foul in me,

The owl in me,

Wise, I see.

Alive, I see.

There’s a mild in me,

But deep crowds in me.

Lovely, I see — that love is all that there is to write about.

If it’s substance you seek,

My poems are what you will like about —

If it’s too much to handle, walk through it like sandals.

Eventually you will see it’s worth,

When consumed with gentle hands through.

Like sweet Emmanuel,

You’ll feel it’s birth –

Of a beautiful handful.

Simple words, that skirt around your mind’s imagination.

And this is freedom elation, a poetic dream of being utterly free in.

until then,

I write as a sole solution.

My role is the truest,

I am to bring gold resolution.

With the heart, as the bold center of revolution.

Use it.