God is amidst these troubles that I face.

Demons trouble my mind, and covers my back like a cape.

I feel pain when I awake.

I fight to withstand the hurdles of this race…

God is amidst the pain that I on-take,

How can I fake, that which remains…

When, misery is what I feel in this world and current plane.

I feel like a chained slave.

I feel like this is similar to the holocaust, just of thy mind.

I feel if I have an honorable cost, then I will not mind.

I live in a capitalist and modern world.

I reasoned that if I have one love,

to admire and be blessed with,

then I would honor her.

I feel like this world is hell,

but God is amidst the pain and misery.

I just hope that this pain leaves me,

and I uphold because it feels like it kills me literally.

Some force, is trying to get rid of me,

but I will not go willingly.

Like chivalry,

I am a nobleman who dedicated his time to self discovery and failure.

Amidst poverty, I learned lessons and values.

To love, I learned how to.

To above, I say a mindful, prayer –

That lifts my fate up.

I wished for him to lift his gate up, but for now I am just prayed up.

I’ve faced my challenges, and realisms.

As if for a thrill I am,

Writing from my heart and mind.

Emotions are what’s truest in this time of mine.

Facing what I need to face,

Growing from the pain, that I simply need to, brace.