As I sit here reading out of a magazine.

I am waking up, to the sounds of wind clattering —

Quiet embrace, my table is right beside the door.

Literature and coffee, always seems to be the next best cure.

I sit here, drawing creative inspiration.

Through words I find a deeper way to escape in.

In the past I was too available, through all my passionate wordings.

Now I find, a sense of silence that outlast the painful and quiet hurting.

In the past, I admit that my words were always vertically written.

Never taking the time to grow in a different and new direction.

But as I sit here at this table, I embrace a different style.

The quiet sounds, grants me serenity in this life where I often search and prowl.

I think that I struggle, with knowing how to be.

But being with you yesterday, truly set me free.

Now I write with a silence ever gentle and sorted.

Like raindrops in the air, falling in a forest.