The distant troubles of misery and agony,
ahead and behind me.

They are linear doubles, that speed up from applying —

Grit and wit,
Heart that’s dipped,

Into kingly pursuits,
But only are freedom pursuits.

I am in the middle, at center, unaffected because I have someone to focus on.

My heart is like a lotus grown.
And I feel it is very beautiful, as I sing on and on.

I’ve adapted to this reality, mentally, I am going into the clear.

I’ve grasped this reality, mentally, I am going into my fear.

This machine and world, ever running, and going.

My mind ever working,
As words keep going,
As I am constantly flowing… Like the grand river with deep borders.

These borders, of hopes and wishes, only grows shorter, and shorter —
As I gain the wisdom, that is needed for order.

My heart, and your beauty.
It does some kind of saving truly.

Your divine femininity,
It is something I sought after… Like glass shattered,
My heart, it spoke to hot degrees and bursted.

I don’t want to close this light,
Like dark colored curtains.

This life, with someone, I’ve been eternally searching.
I have… I have been wanting, to grasp such an intelligent love.

You are wholly enough, I know that you are who I want.

Amor Fati,
I think of that saying often.

Whether you stay or leave,
I will always remember how my heart has softened… From your elegance,
Your eloquence.

Must be heaven sent,
That you are here and have appeared.

Your love is where, I find truth.
Your love is here, I’ve found you.

Sour medicine,
I throw up my internalized failures and imaginary world.

I let go of my dreams, and my imagination is hurled.

You are no good for me,
You are too ideal and plastic.

I am simply happy, with things I have and the things I haven’t.

And the things I love,
Are like things of magic.

And you are that,
You saved me from eternal black.