You are the feeling when cold water first touches.

You are the chilling, of when blood moves and blood rushes.

You are the nature, that the sun simply despises.

You are the place of, when love matches eye with;

Another soul that initiated feelings alive with.

You are the freedom, that is experienced on a first day release.

You are the blessing, that is given after the word please.

You are like the color red, of a California apple.

You are a child’s first catch, and a youths first tackle.

You are the gold, made possible after a fearless feat.

You are the life, that I’ve searched for relentlessly, in the deep…

You are the ocean, that runs for kilometers in the open…

You are the flowers, with a scent ever potent.

You are the ride of, smooth sailing and slow.

You are the high of, good byes from the soul –

A wonderful art, made from a colorful canvas…

You are the attraction of a wonderful borealis.