I am missing your embrace.

Love with you is like being in space.

I cannot breathe anywhere else, except your beautiful planet…

And the anxiety apart,

makes me want to anxiously vanish.

Missing on your taste,

Kisses on you.

Wishing to intake,

You are sweet like danish.

And, I couldn’t have planned it,

These feelings are massive.

While, I worried that I could lose you,

I worry that I am not who you choose to.

Insecurities of a broken man,

I am constantly who I am true to.

Being me is a challenge,

In which I will constantly rise and just prove to…

But for you, and from you, whom,

I grow in love, that, which is serene blue too.

I am talking about you boo.

But love can lose hue, too…

And that is why I have an anxious panic.

An emotional manic;

I hope that my sadness is something that you can emotionally manage…

Because our lives have converged!

And although these are just words, they are symbols of what hurts,

make me smile, and love deeply.

I never want to write things cheaply, so I share this passion with you, with hopes that you will keep me.

Poetic justice.

Trust this…

And let our emotions seep in, the creases of regions – that are not recently discovered or dreamt of.

So our love can be deep love.

I will love you for reasons, not explained but embodied…

Like racing hearts, or racing stars;

I do not plan on just stopping.

Like rollercoasters, I do not plan on just dropping.

But I plan on just plotting, how to write a love story worth telling.

These words I am spelling;

I plan on slowly just penning.

We have all of this time, I plan on majestically settling – with you.

Never losing hope, in our serene blue.