My voice splints,

in trying to hint.

I think of how to carry, or pull a relationship receding or digressing.

Should I leave it how it is, and simply be patient in our friendship.

I worry what could fade-away,

Will you escape away?

These poems for me, make a way, to except a major day —

When I find myself alone, in a dark home, and my heart is ate away…

I want you to stay.

I want you to pave a way,

For my heart and growth to be shaped away.

But the pure break away, is something I don’t ever want to face.

But to create a way, for us to make a way,

I say, shall we communicate instead of me ruminating, and feeling loneliness incurring in an excruciating way.

I should say,

That I desire what is powered by you.

I could say,

In no other way,

That I wish to love you.