I am recovering from a storm.

The water was not nearly lukewarm, but blazing hot.

It’s raging hot,

Knocked me down to the ground,

And it’s amazing I’m not,

Broken but soaked in Jesus’s love and healing.

It seems to me that him being my savior, is revealing.

Reveals truths about why and how I am living.

It simply is because, of his love that is giving.

Reveals hurt and baggage that I carried…

Like sweet berries,


The juices of my soul still rush.

It’s just slow to the touch.

Revealing how the world is opening up in my very eyes, how large!

Concealing demons, that I know I don’t need to fight or give light, anymore.

Jesus is my heavy roar.

His strength is stronger than my lion heart.

I’m tired of crying heart.

I’m tired of carrying a dying heart.

I want to live, I want to live.

Enjoying the simple luxuries and beauty.

Not chasing outside of myself as much,

But to experience a feeling of life truly.

Some things cool me, and ease me.

The sound of Jesus, in this time of extreme reason,

Gives my heart room to breathe in, and I further believe him.

My one true savior and life-line.

I am no longer drenched by,

My own ego;

My own delicate delusions.

My spirit feels on zero,

But I’m climbing to reach conclusions.

And I will.

I will conquer myself further,

I will nurture what has been given.

I will always honor my father,

I will practice holy living.