Attempting to grow through the mud and grime…

The lotus flower, inevitably shines but still at will, inevitably is primed —

For pain, and suffering.

It’s pain and suffering is shuttering you know, the flower itself.

Basking in blackness as it rises and attacks air.

Striving to breathe, and to live at ease.

It doesn’t do what it pleases, it’s main focus of reason is growing to its point of freedom.

All that it is seeing, is a feeling that is

so freeing.

It’s one core meaning,


It’s one core reason,


& It’s one core motive,

It is to strive…

When it becomes reborn, life transforms.

The things that made this flower torn, are simple medals of agony adorned…

And it needs no form,

It’s entire existence does no wrong.

The flower itself, the being itself —

It is about purity and core of its heart.

It is pure from the start,

The ending is just a transition of devotion and relief.

It’s pain is brief and before all is known,

The flower is home, above the darkness it’s form has grown…

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  1. Wow that’s such a wonderful lesson of life–Lesson of the Lotus (I book that I highly recommend reading).
    Btw, while reading this, the song, “Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka” started playing on my playlist, and wow! That was an experience!!!

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