You awaken my heart, you enliven my spirit.

I am careful to grasp you, yet, so close to a panic.

Anxiety grasps me, and I don’t want to act careless.

But you shaken my heart, and your body I want to be near it.

If you escape me that’s harsh,

How I love our sweet pairing.

I respect you in heart, and love how you are caring.

Your logical mind,

Your beautiful face.

Your modest full mind,

I know in due time.

That we will fall in sweet grace.

I think about going home, I think about how I care to be a great man for you.

I swear from you, I see my worth and purpose.

To be a man in front of you, keeping my balance with a family.

Love is my sanity, and you are like a key to my great vanity.

I am sure we can do great things together,

Through all harsh weathers.

We will stay light as bright feathers.

We are surely a might together,

I want you in my life forever.