Love ideals;

True love heals.

Fighting to win you,

Waters ripples as all things settle.

You are like the drop,

Like when waters plops.

And I am the reservoir,

Waiting to devour you.

I want to be all around you.

My heart feels dead to the touch, but I am aware that you may be the mate I am searching and working forward for.

Days turn into four or more.

And more and more, I want you to be the woman I’ve been constantly searching for.

I cannot move at night.

Sleep paralysis, baskets me in a frenzied state.

But wait, could it just be,

that we desire a comfort and relaxation.

You beside me, I would want you here with me, with no hesitation.

You are my sweet mesmerization,

You are the escalation that my heart beats wider and louder for.

You are the power that, I’ve been searching by the hour for.

Life’s true meaning, is love on fire.

If suicide has been on my mind, then life’s true meaning is ever more dire.

Because my life has been needing a love that’s for hire.

As I have been seeing, our love has transpired.

I am inspired, as I have been tired.

I am just wired, yet, I am just shy of –

A feeling that’s mire.

But with you I am higher, I hope to always just fly up.

Because with you I feel lighter…