Dear mother, how lovely and beautiful you are.

Being there for me in darkness to remind me how much of a star, you are.

Uplifting me in encouragement and sound advice…

You are my life.

And, although it may appear or seem I am lost — I am not.

I am just surfing and gliding.

I am not running or hiding.

I am simply growing, in societal priding.

I am a man.

I am your son.

I am where I stand,

My battle is half won.

I own my mind, you know only half my struggles…

Conquering my self, and all of my troubles.

I am black, no I am brown.

I am under attack, please do not frown.

I will understand in clarity, my struggles that I face.

I will love myself, and will grow in clarity.

I am walking this journey and clearly,

I have understood my disparity.

I am a bit of a boy, no, I am a man.

Learning to run, as I learned to crawl and walk where I stand…