Bottled emotions, that pour out dramatically;
Spill onto my floor, of puddles of agony.

The things that had troubled me, are now causing me a surprise,
of what’s opposite of apathy.

Currently, I think that my blood rushes, like rivers so rapidly.

I am no longer lost, no, I am, happily after me;

Of my own shadow, I turn on the switch.

And within a fast click, I see my own demons and fallacies.

I tackled my darkness, and now I can fight my own tricks.

I am no longer searching for an eternal long bliss…

The trappings of magically, searching for wisdom and tips,

Causes a great dip,
Like graphs showing calories…

As, I burn my cigarette,
I write in my diary.

This reality is rigged,
And, costs me a lower than salary…

Poor writer and athlete,
My dream will see me;

As, I fight this polarity;
I fight with capacity.

What’s real versus what’s dreamed,
Nevertheless, I fly smooth, and I sing, yes I sting, like a black and yellow valiant bee.

I just want to be me, in a world that closes me in.

Yes, I just want to be, dreaming ever so passionately,
But the waves crash sporadically…

And at times I keep up, and I surf so very accurately…
But at times I just drown, who will save me from actually…

Drowning in guilt, please save me from battling me.