Seeking a high, sought after thrills.

I’m reaching a high, with all out chills.

I’m screeching my tires, such rubbery wheels.

I burn out my lies, and I crush out my pills…

I write as my drug, to cope with these feels.

I am moving so fast, yet, I am standing so still.

I follow my line, leads me to great mountains.

The great spirit is watching, it’s vibe is so shocking.
It’s intoxicating,
It’s shocking matrix.

I’m locked in.

I’ve escaped the egotism, now I’m all about expression…

The universe teaches me, the hardest of lessons.

Like iceberg lettuce, I coat myself in dressing…

Virtues of blessings, that allow me to utterly glide.

I fixate my reality, with a patience of pursuit.
I endure the mundane, because I have no choice but to.

But I know the grandest secret, that we are all stars…
Just look to the sky, and expand your deep heart.
Imagineer, I am.
Blasted air, I write swift in the clouds like airplanes that fly wind.