I feel a rebirth, that violently emerges from the depths of my inner being.

My inner demons, I’ve slayed them, and they are blown proportionate to the sizes of solid but broken rock pieces.

And within this rock, is molten hot.
Oozing from the depths, are broken blocks…

You can hear the wheezing and crying,
The faint breathing, and soldier-like dying.

Those dark demons no longer bother me.
I hear a silence so quiet now.
A beaming sound…

Covering and surrounding my ears, and near space.
If you were looking for a trace, you would not find it in this place.

It sounds and feels like death.
But it also sounds and feels like rain storms in the west…
Covering the concrete bottom floors of Seattle.

Those inner thoughts, are now quiet and quite honestly, I think that the power of solitude and loneliness is a type of holiness that feels superbly blessed.

No more of those things, that arrogantly pull me in a multiplex.
Life is much longer and broader than what I initially believed.

And the beliefs and set routines, are now falling apart like toy blocks that are crushed by the overly energized, and mad child.

This silence of truly being with myself is no longer scary as it used to be.
I am sincerely facing myself, except as a new man, and not who I used to be.
I do not see a need to grapple anymore, with the hands of dark shadows.

I see myself growing,
growing more into my being, and I think that it is simply and truly a triumph, in my life long battle.