I feel the current of life flowing, as I search for novelty.
I breathe in and I search for now, and I feel it more honestly.

What is this, and what is reality?

I wish to always aspire for higher levels of realism, but my dreams of imagery do not always match up.

And as time goes on, I find myself having to catch up.

I’m stressed.
I struggle.

Waiting for a messiah, is religion a liar?

I’m blessed nevertheless, I have my higher power — my highest version of myself in which I reach for.

In which my heart leaks for, my passion has one more battle in which I have to reach a peak for.

I struggle.
I struggle with an addiction…

If you have eyes to listen, please absorb this poetry and not my darkness.

I am fighting, until I am heartless.

And even then, what will be my next goal of conquering self?

I don’t know anything else, I’ve become a machine of self improvement.

These are honest reflections, hoping that God will perhaps use me.

As his warrior, and as his embodiment.
I went from a bright eyed college kid, not knowing that this life is much big.

Bigger than I ever knew.
My sole goal, is to stay true;
Grow from who I am now,
To ultimately inspire you…