Blowing away dust.
My heart has had enough, and all that it wants is a freedom that’s robust.

Humility, a teacher in its own right.
Unwillingly, I learn through a tough fight.

I spend my nights, opening up my eyes and staring through the wall into the sky’s distant arena.

I wonder, if I can fly and sip wine on the crescent.
Would the light be too fluorescent, and are the limitations in fact only a blessing that the human mind cannot accept with.

The human mind is such a dangerous thing.

Yet, still, I just enjoy the fact that I can do more, most have the yearning just like me.

To conquer mountains and to discover meaning.

But anyway, flying and sitting in some crater is far unlikely.

Adulthood teaches one to be realistic, and to face prisons that lock your imagination sooner or later anyhow.

But heavy blows to my heart, causes me to heavy prowl — like, a type of wolf.

I have cuts on my face, and I sense that I am even just as tough.

But I am a bit of boy, stuck in a mans body.

Wishing to dream of stars, and freedom, no matter how much the star burns hotly.

I try to find meaning in this realistic attitude of our age.

Because to die, and to never dream far, that is far unlike me.

Anyway, I have to go.
I enjoyed expressing my thoughts through poem.
I am currently alone, and it is warm as stone.

A summer’s sleep, in this summer’s heat.

I’m placing my dreams underneath,
My pillow,
As I look to the distant stars through my window.