I throw an axe, at a piece of art, to ignite an uproar and new world.

Poetry is the new mark, of popular expression,
And raw messages,
because although graphics, and color are just as precious;

Those politics…

Well so is imagery, thought and simplistic adjectives,
And humanistic words, matter
At times life can be just, crazy, honestly absurd.

They say do not risk losing contact with reality because of your true soul,
The disparity between the two can sometimes drive one into insanity, and discolor!

Who wants that?
We have a voice, and although thought can be at once black.

At least it can be still in fun tact,
As oppose to putting it all into one track;
When we connect and understand each other.

Empathy, with one another.

I shutter, because there is only one mind and that is the divine — we are all connected.

You see, thought, free thought is infectious.
Do you want to be a king, Queen, or peasant?

I lift off this question and write in rhythmic prose.
Like Egypt’s mystic nose,
There is so much that we as humans do not even realistically know…

I choose to infinitely glow.
I choose to infinitely grow.

So, poetry is my focused language.
I write and speak in code, for those,that wish to grow in soul,
Because this world is much more than heinous.

This discoloring matrix,
I say forget marketing and mind manipulation.

In no hesitation, I represent words, not symbols and logos.

My ethos, is deep prose.
My ethos, is symmetrically and creatively put together…

Like fashion sense, or God when,
he designed the seasons and weather.

and I am no god, but I understand this truth.

That you and I,
We come from that sky.

We are the universe manifested into human.
It is up to us, to stay true in —
this shell, this body.

The abstract, the thought realm, is ours…

We are those exact stars.