the swallow of life
engulfs me like a wine bottle at night

I have my sword as a knight
encroaching on the deep chasm of plight

I like what I am
ferocious young lion of men

sweetly dying again
rebirth is like a strong iron of men

I am just Inspiring them
that those can become
a fire again.

we all die in the end,
so most can begin a fire, a trend.

I walk on rocks in the heat.
not to mention a high mountain that’s steep.

such a lie if I’d try to say I’m not howling ‘I’m weak.’

how to ascend?

the darkness is like a strong burrow that bends

at times heartless
I have no time for a friend

with sharpness I keep a strong iron that lends
a hand that one can borrow till end

I withstand strong currents
that are the deep swallow of men.