Rapper by day
Spiritual-intellectual by evening

I’ve gone astray
Yet, I am only just dreaming

Aesthetically written
This poem is ours

I think of humanity
And how we are stars

I think of finite strokes
And, creative spills

I think of dynamite jokes
And adventures of thrill

I think of Kanye west
And his emotional journey

I think of my past
And how I want to just hurry

Into the future, and far into it’s unknown
The ego I mute him,
But I don’t want to lose him

He created this home
Enough for me to just hone:

My creative crafts
The things that may last

Ego, it carries me in this society
Personally, my personality is dimensional

And I have parts that are higher

Like my love for philosophy
And exercise science

Evolve, and love
I revolve around what

Could raise this planets pale color
Of algorithms and lack of wonder…

Why are we here?
Why are you there…

I want you near,
To heal this reflective process.

Want me as I want you
I am sincerely honest.